Junction Box

Product Description

Our Junction Box is the most cost-effective and energy saving solution for a 12V lighting thanks to the new Junction Box Transformer that was redesigned with the ability to support 1 or 2 light configurations. For more complex multi-light installations, we offer our 300W wall mount transformer, which can support various combination of Waterstar’s many low voltage lighting options. Discover the endless possibilities of Waterstar’s reliable and cost efficient lighting accessories.

Product Details

  • Double waterproof
  • With 3 outlets
  • 25 mm outside diameter
  • Flexible conduit inside
  • Gaskets, screws.
  • I.P. 68
  • Product Dimensions (cm): 15.9L x 12.6W x 10H 
  • Category: Junction Box
  • Dimensions:0.16*0.11*0.14 m3
  • Volume:0.002464