Super Star Pump - 2 HP

Product Description

Designed to last for years, backed by a 2-year warranty and known for its durability and quiet operating system, our pump is the superstar of its class. The Superstar Water Pump’s components are made of custom molded thermoplastic with a high performance quiet impeller and diffuser. Hassle-free and easiness go hand in hand with its meticulous design. It exhibits many features, such as: 1 bolt stainless steel clamp that is manufactured with the sole purpose of quick access of its components and an easily removable power end for service or winterizing without disrupting the piping or pump’s support base. It can be used for freshwater, sea water or treated water.

Product Details

  • The pump body and components are made of highly reinforced fiberglass for an extended corrosion resistance and extra strength
  • Self priming pump for swimming pools and spas
  • Extra large strainer basket that provides an extra large leaf-holding capacity and results in less frequent maintenance
  • Cover made of transparent polycarbonate that allows you to see when the basket needs to be cleaned
  • Anti-spin off impeller  (The impeller is made from polyamide reinforced fiberglass for extra strength)
  • Includes an enclosed cooling fan built in motor
  • High performance motor (IP 55 – class F) with thermal heat protection
  • 2 HP 
  • 1.5 KW
  • Category: Pumps
  • Dimensions:599*371*389 m3
  • Volume:86447100