Automatic Chlorinators 24

 Off Line Automatic Chlorinators 24
 (Capacity: 24 Tablets )
Used as an easy way to sanitize your pool and spa, the Automatic Chlorine/Bromine decreases the need for periodic maintenance. It is available in two feeder models: Off-Line Feeders and In-Line Feeders.
Product Details:
-Made of unalterable plastic for slow dissolving chlorine tablets
-Includes an easily operating control valve
-Can be used for in-ground and above-ground pools and spas of all shapes and sizes
-Multiple in-line and off-line configuration allow for simple installation in new construction,aftermarket and replacement applications
-Provides a safe and convenient access to tables.
Operates on the pressure side of pump
 Uses ½ “ feeder hoses
Includes a control valve and required fittings
OLC capacity: 24 tablets per 200 gm

  • Category: Cleaning Equipment
  • Dimensions:0.2*0.2*0.8 m3
  • Volume:0.032