Safety Transformer

Product Description

Waterstar’s Safety Transformers are created for underwater lights in swimming pools, fountains or spas for the sole purpose of safety in order to transform electricity to a lower volt whilst still promising bright underwater lighting. Ideal for low voltage, new construction lighting applications, Waterstar’s transformer design can support 1 or 2 lights from the same transformer, making it the most cost-effective and energy saving solution for 12V lighting.

Product Details

  • Product case is made from polyamides fiberglass to protect the case against any rust and corrosion
  • Primary voltage: 220-230 V
  • Secondary voltage: 12-14 V
  • Frequency 50/60 HZ
  • Ground shield between the primary and secondary windings promises safe operation
  • Includes isolated transformers with an index protection (IP 65)
  • The transformer’s primary and secondary tap compartments are separated
  • Fully encapsulated coils inside resin to increase safety measures Product Features
  • A higher secondary voltage is available upon request for longer distance
  • Complainant with BS-EN 60742 standards
  • I.P - 68
  • Product Dimensions (cm): 2.28L x 1.8W x 1.23H 
  • Category: Transformers
  • Dimensions:0.26*0.2*0.14 m3
  • Volume:0.00728