Skimmer - Concrete (Wide Mouth)

Product Description

Our in-ground pool skimmers are the number one choice by professional and residential pool builders. Engineered for residential and professional applications, these large capacity skimmers are manufactured by Waterstar’s rigorous quality standards. Their durable, uni-body construction is molded of rugged ABS and have been designed without any joints. The skimmers provide an easy installation experience due to their multiple plumbing connections. Mother nature does not stand a chance with our skimmers because they are made of non-corrosive, non-conductive and are virtually indestructible. All vinyl and fiberglass pool skimmers are packaged with face plate, gaskets and screws. They come in a Standard Mouth option or a Wide Mouth option. They are designed for both traditional concrete and liner pools. They also include a hair collector basket with a vacuum plate cover.

Product Details

  • Wide Mouth: 17 liters
  • Supplied with a vacuum plate, strainer basket and flap weir
  • Includes a water fill and overflow outlets with a 32 mm diameter
  • Designed with a weir flap to ensure a quiet function and optimum skimming performance
  • Comes with two suction pipe connections depending on the pipes installed in the pool: 

                        - 38 mm thread connection

                        - 50 mm glue connection

  • Product Dimensions (cm): 5.89L x 4.3W x 4.96H 
  • Category: Skimmers
  • Dimensions:0.6*0.45*0.51 m3
  • Volume:0.1377